Dragon’s Dogma 2 fans come together to promote their unloved Pawns in wholesome community moment

One Dragon’s Dogma 2 fan has encouraged players to track down a specific Riftstone for hiring Pawns, only so they can show some love for Pawns that no one else has recruited yet.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has you create a Pawn, a constant ally throughout the game. Since you can hire other players’ Pawns to join your party, your own Pawn can also be recruited. While you never need to worry about them leaving you if another player hires them, it can be demoralizing if nobody thinks your Pawn is worth even temporarily aiding them.

That’s why Reddit user Snyderhall, over on the Dragon’s Dogma 2 subreddit, asked their fellow players to track down a specific Riftstone called the Riftstone of Potential. Riftstones allow you to recruit player-made Pawns, but each one focuses on Pawns with certain characteristics. The Riftstone of Potential highlights Pawns that have received no love from other players whatsoever, according to Snyderhall

The thread appears to have inspired sympathy in some players. One player, Schenckster, admitted it “warmed [their] cold, dead heart” to see their Pawn finally be hired, which prompted a few others to ask for their Pawn code so they could hire them too. The same thing for players like Idalah and smoothtv99, who worry their Pawns simply don’t look cool enough to be hired despite boasting decent equipment.

Many players prioritize visuals over stats when hiring Pawns (it’s why ones that resemble characters from other games like Baldur’s Gate 3 are popular). But it sounds like some are at least using the Riftstone of Potential to give less popular Pawns a chance—if only to make their creators happy. Xpertzx said it’s “such a nice feeling” to hear about their Pawn’s adventures from other players’ campaigns. Samur_i, meanwhile, made a direct comparison with Elden Ring, saying “The one ‘love’ Pawn review means more than 100 likes for an Elden Ring message.”

It’s honestly sweet seeing players prop each other like this, and this thread isn’t the only one. On both Reddit and Discord, people have created what are essentially hiring boards where you can share your Pawn code and details, allowing anyone and everyone to hire your Pawn.

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