Dragon’s Dogma 2 patches will include the option to start a new game

Capcom has confirmed it has multiple updates in store for Dragon’s Dogma 2, and at the top of the list is an option for players to start a new save file.

If you’ve started playing Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’re well aware you only have one save file to work with. Not to mention you can’t turn off the autosave function, so if you fail a quest, you can’t reload a previous save to attempt it again and must live with the consequences. Technically, you can already start a new game by deleting your current save data, but it requires going into the storage settings of your platform of choice.

A player in Dragon's Dogma 2 attacking a Griffin.
These planned patches will hopefully start to arrive later this year. Image via Capcom

Capcom’s post on X (formerly Twitter) doesn’t go into the specifics but this future update will presumably allow you to start a new save file from scratch (unlike the New Game Plus mode) without having to delete your old one. Not everyone likes wiping away all their progress just to start fresh, so this is a welcome decision by Capcom, assuming that’s how it works. Although I doubt this means Capcom will also allow you to start save scumming. You can manually save your progress in Dragon’s Dogma 2, but I’m guessing you’ll still only be allowed to save over the current file and not any other Dragon’s Dogma 2 save files you might have.

Capcom hasn’t issued any dates for when updates will arrive, but they’ll also include changing the number of Art of Metamorphosis items (the items that let you change your Arisen’s appearance) available at Pawn Guilds to 99, and make the quest where you can buy a house available much earlier. In addition, new graphics options will be made available, such as the option to turn ray-tracing and/or motion blur on and off.

This is already on top of Capcom’s plans to address Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s performance, particularly on PC, which has been a major point of contention even before the game came out. Despite complaints about the performance and its day-one microtransactions, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is on track to be another success story for Capcom, cracking into the top five best sellers on Steam in less than 24 hours.

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