Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawns can assume your sexual preference, and it’s making players uncomfortable

If you make a party of three Pawns of the same gender in Dragon’s Dogma 2, they start commenting and assuming your sexual orientation—and a few players have a problem with that.

Steam user Garrus complained how their party of Pawns insinuated they’re gay. The player picked three male Pawns by chance and felt uncomfortable after the Pawns made the following comments: “It just occurred to me that all of us pawns are male! I wonder if that speaks to the Arisen’s preference…”

Player is standing in a market with her pawns
Pawns always have something to talk about. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Another instance that Garrus pointed out was a conversation between two Pawns: “Our party has grown, but there are no females among us,” followed by another Pawn adding, “I shouldn’t at all mind if that were to change.”

According to Garrus, the Pawns wrongly assumed their preference and even suggested being gay is insulting. The player asked the devs to remove this feature.

The reaction to this post was met with lighthearted comments, but a few were against the players’ request. Many pointed out this chatter was natural and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. A few commenters said how an all-female party of Pawns would suggest the player is forming a harem. Persona 3 Reload also had a similar Easter egg, where Aigis would comment on a female-only party.

While we have no problems with Pawns speaking their minds, we admit they can be a bit too talkative at times. Dragon’s Dogma 2 has the option to stop Pawns from speaking altogether, but it remains to be seen if Capcom will add an option to filter specific chatter. 

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, user scarman125 makes a good point about DD2’s Pawns: “I think they’ll find something to complain about regardless of party makeup.”

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