Empire begins: Next Major Orders task Helldivers with destroying Star Wars-style Death Star

Helldivers have been issued a groundbreaking directive in the Second Galactic War. The latest Major Orders task Helldivers 2 players with securing plans for an interplanetary battle station, echoing the iconic Death Star from Star Wars.

The focal point of this Major Order is the planet X-45 in the Ymir Sector. This planet, a former battleground of the First Galactic War, harbors a hidden Advanced Weapons Lab buried beneath its surface. Previously abandoned due to high radiation levels, the lab’s secrets are now accessible thanks to reduced radiation. Within this lab lies the blueprints for a powerful battle station capable of immense destruction.

Empire begins Next Major Orders task Helldivers with destroying Star
Helldivers are in a race against time to liberate the planet X-45. Image via Arrowhead Games

The catch on this one is that the terrifying Automatons have become aware of the lab’s significance. Through cyber-attacks and assaults, they aim to seize these plans, threatening Super Earth’s dominance and security.

The directive has drawn notable parallels to the Star Wars saga, particularly Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. In the Star Wars films, several Rebel Alliance spies steal plans for the Death Star, a massive space station built by the Galactic Empire capable of annihilating entire planets. Princess Leia’s mission to deliver these plans and the ensuing battle to exploit the Death Star’s weakness are legendary.

1720155482 123 Empire begins Next Major Orders task Helldivers with destroying Star
The Death Star in Star Wars. Image via Starwars.com

Similarly, the Helldivers must recover plans critical for constructing Super Earth’s newest superweapon. The mission’s peril and significance resonate deeply with the narrative of Star Wars, where the Rebel Alliance’s struggle against the Empire mirrors the Helldivers’ battle against the Automatons. This parallel not only emphasizes the high stakes but also the heroism required to undertake such a mission.

The community’s response has been ecstatic. “Guess we’re Bothans now since many of us will die for freedom to get those plans,” one player wrote, highlighting the perceived danger and self-sacrifice involved in the mission. Skepticism about the mission’s safety is also prevalent, with sarcastic remarks about the safety of radiation levels and ironic trust in the High Command. The humor and irony in these reactions underscore a sense of grim determination among the players, drawing a direct parallel to the Bothans’ fate in the Star Wars universe.

As the Helldivers embark on this perilous mission, the future of Super Earth hangs in the balance. The recovery and protection of the battle station plans are crucial, and the stakes have never been higher. The echoes of a Galaxy Far, Far Away lend a cinematic grandeur to their struggle, underscoring the epic quest. As the Empire begins, so too does hope that freedom and democracy will prevail against the tide of tyranny.

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