Everyone offered MultiVersus characters, paid battle pass in currency rework—with one catch

MultiVersus is just days away from coming back, and Player First Games is making sure to stack the deck to re-welcome new and returning players with a slew of free bonuses, including new characters and paid battle pass content at no cost.

MultiVersus relaunches on May 28, introducing plenty of new content and reworked gameplay changes that weren’t in the beta, which ended in June 2023. Some of the content has already been revealed, like Jason Vorhees and Agent Smith joining the playable roster, along with a new PvE mode. Now, leading up to the relaunch, Player First is detailing what you can expect if you jump into the game on day one.

Banana Guard character banner in MultiVersus.
You won’t be missing out on early potassium. Image via Player First Games

To start, all players who complete the updated tutorial will be able to obtain one of the new characters, Banana Guard from Adventure Time, for free through a seven-day reward calendar. If you finish all seven days you can also get the Lady Banana Guard character variant skin. If that wasn’t enough potassium for you, all returning players who played the beta will get a Banana Guard announcer pack, Snow Suit Finn character variant, and special Rising Stars ringout animation too—and this set of bonuses will always be claimable.

Returning players also get another big bonus for coming back to MultiVersus, in that if you jump in before June 11 you can get the premium Battle Pass for Season One for free. This includes Jason as the first reward on the premium track—and highlights a change PFG is making to the battle pass and game economy overall. 

According to the developers, the MultiVersus Battle Pass has been reworked to include more “high-value items” like character variants, taunts, and currency in the free and premium tiers. And yes, this does mean PFG kept its promise to make Gleamium, the game’s premium currency, earnable through gameplay and not just microtransactions.

“The premium battle pass also allows you to earn enough Gleamium to get the next premium Battle Pass,” PFG said. “And, while the new fighter (Jason) is a premium tier reward, returning players who log in by June 11 will get this pass for free, plus he’ll also be available via character tokens or in-game currency when the pass is over.”

Jason displayed in the Season One MultiVersus Battle Pass.
Jason and other rewards will all be claimable. Image via Player First Games

So, while we don’t know this for sure right now, it looks like Jason will be locked to the pass for eight weeks after launch—when Season One ends. After that, he’ll be obtainable with Character Tokens. Here’s a breakdown of these updated currencies, including the two new ones introduced for this relaunch:

  • Perk currency (new)
    • A currency specifically designed to help unlock in-game Perks for characters.
    • Earnable through events, Rift Mode, Battle Pass tiers, and both Account or Character Mastery. 
  • Fighter currency (replacing Character Tokens/Tickets)
    • A currency that replaces the beta’s ticket system and can be used to unlock characters.
    • Earnable through events, Rift Mode, Battle Pass tiers, and both Account or Character Mastery. 
  • Prestige currency (new)
    • A currency you will use to unlock exclusive cosmetics not available through normal means. 
    • Earned by acquiring other cosmetics. 
  • Gleamium
    • MultiVersus’ premium currency used to unlock basically everything—such as cosmetics, emotes, and the premium pass.
    • Earned through events, the battle pass, or direct purchases on your platform of choice.

More details about the battle pass, characters, and other improvements should be released in the coming days as we grow closer to MultiVersus re-release.

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