Every character from Valve’s new hero shooter seems to have leaked

Valve’s rumored hero shooter Deadlock remains shrouded in mystery ever since it was first leaked to the world last week, but further digging has revealed what could be a crucial piece of information—the game’s entire character roster.

A full list of every character in Deadlock was reportedly sent to online coverage site Insider Gaming, with its May 21 report delving into the list and other gameplay mechanics. There are 19 characters in total, including a “gargoyle-demon-like character” named Abrams, a monkey-and-pig duo named Mo and Krill, and Grey Talon, a Native American hero we saw as part of the Gabe Follower leaks on May 17.

A screenshot of an early build of Deadlock featuring a hero named Grey Talon wielding a green bow.
Today’s report confirms details shared last week. Image via Gabe Follower on X/Twitter

The exact details and description for every character on the list weren’t given, but the list includes the supposed name for each Deadlock character. From bounty hunter Wraith to Ivy the Imp and samurai-themed Yamato, it appears Valve’s new hero shooter takes character inspiration from all walks of life—similar to that of genre giant Overwatch 2, by Blizzard.

Insider Gaming also shared alleged gameplay footage, stating the six-versus-six hero shooter was still in early development with “lots of experimental gameplay features and art assets.” The report added that testers drew comparisons to MOBAs like Dota 2 and SMITE, with players expected to farm minions before engaging in teamfights.

We first got a look at Deadlock via dataminer Gabe Follower last week. The leaks included screenshots from test versions of Deadlock, which reportedly went by the names Neon Prime and Citadel and will be set in a fantasy-like universe with some steampunk elements. If true, Deadlock will be the first new title developed by the company since the days of Left 4 Dead, Portal, and Dota 2 over a decade ago.

This would also be Valve’s second stab at the genre after the critically acclaimed Team Fortress 2 set about defining the modern-day hero shooter through the 2010s.

Once again, it’s pretty important to note Valve has not yet announced anything official related to Deadlock, and given the alleged hero shooter title is still reportedly in a very early alpha phase, much may yet change before the game launches.

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