Faker’s Immortalized Legend Ahri LoL skin officially revealed

Earlier this week, T1 mid laner Faker, the unanimous greatest League of Legends player of all time, became the first inductee into the game’s new Hall of Legends, the equivalent of the esport’s Hall of Fame. And today, Faker’s own personal skin—Immortalized Legend Ahri—was shown off to the world. 

The League Hall of Legends will induct new players on a periodic basis, with each new inductee getting their own skin enshrined forever in the game. Faker’s Ahri skin, which features a gold, red, white, and black color scheme, was revealed in a cinematic trailer shared by Riot earlier today. 

The trailer shows Ahri walking through a long corridor adorned with gold-and-white statues of other champions such as Ryze, Syndra, Orianna, and Azir—all of whom Faker has practically perfected throughout his career—before facing the “Trial of the Demon King” in a bout with the GOAT himself. 

The release of Immortalized Legend Ahri could provide an explanation as to why Faker didn’t go with Ahri as his selection for last year’s World Championship skin. Many fans expected the GOAT to pick Ahri, a longtime main of his and a champion he used to help secure his fourth Summoner’s Cup, as the champion he would permanently add to the SKT/T1 skin line. But Faker later revealed that he’s going with Orianna instead.

Now, fans of T1 and Faker can have their cake and eat it too as the star player will have two skins to his name being added to League in the span of one season. 

In addition to the four skins that Faker has earned and helped create for winning his four World Championships over the last 10 seasons, this skin stands alone as a landmark of his own personal achievements and overall greatness. 

Immortalized Legend Ahri does not have a release date at this time, but when it goes live, you can be sure to see countless Ahri players on the Rift giving a shoutout to Faker (or at least trying to emulate his skills). 

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