Wuthering Waves adds highly requested ability to skip cutscenes—and fans are thrilled

Although the official release of Wuthering Waves has been met with plenty of acclaim, there have been many complaints about how long it takes for players to rip through cutscenes. But the developers are bringing some good news on that front in an upcoming update.

According to official Wuthering Waves socials, the developers are planning to make every type of story content skippable, which should help speed up the process from cutscene to gameplay. This has been a huge contention point for players who are trying to speed run to specific levels and modes since the main story quest cutscenes can’t be skipped.

Early into the story, for example, the player runs into a character named Scar, who eventually forces the player into what is essentially a 13-minute cutscene with choice dialogue sparsely spread throughout. The speech he delves into provides information about the game’s lore, which is important for the player’s understanding of the story.

Although the story can be important for some, however, this experience was a nuisance for others who simply wanted to play the game. But soon, players will be able to jump back into the action by skipping through all of the story if they choose by letting them click through every piece of dialogue.

Additionally, the developers are handing out 10 free Radiant Tides and a free custom five-star standard Resonator voucher to all players as “a token of gratitude for your support.” This should be a great sign for Wuthering Waves enjoyers since the devs are being extremely transparent about their plans for the game, while also listening closely to the community and their needs.

The free Radiant Tides will be handed out to all players who have reached Union Level Two on Saturday, May 25, and must be accepted by Wednesday, July 3.

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