Fall Guys needs ‘more time to cook’ before Fortnite debut

The arrival of Fall Guys in Fortnite has been pushed back to the summer as the beans “need more time to cook” before their big debut.

Fortnite‘s addition of Fall Guys was announced in March and provisionally set for a May release, but Epic Games confirmed a delay.

Hatsune Miku's cosmetic in Fall Guys
A longer wait. Image via Epic Games

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the official account for Fortnite Creative said the Fall Guys addition needs “a little more time to cook” and issued a revised release window of summer 2024.

The announcement is solely around Fall Guys in Fortnite Creative, so it’s unclear whether this means collab with the other Epic Games title for the battle royale mode, shown in a leaked 2024 roadmap, will also be affected.

The roadmap placed Fall Guys around the end of Chapter Five, season two, and the start of the following season, though it’s just a rumor. But Billie Eilish’s debut this week adds weight to the leaks.

It would make sense for Fortnite to delay the entire Fall Guys collaboration until the game mode launches fully, particularly as there are open slots for crossovers as the events section of the leak has a significant gap.

Following a rumored Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration in Chapter Five, season three, no other minor crossovers are expected until Fortnitemares in October for Halloween—and it would be a big surprise if that’s the case.

Dropping Fall Guys back to later this summer after the Pirates of the Caribbean collab would slot in nicely, with the leaked roadmap showing the perfect slot for Fall Guys before Chapter Five, season four begins with another Marvel collaboration and the Fantastic Four.

Of course, this is all merely speculation at this point, and we’ll have to be patient to see what Fortnite is cooking..

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