VALORANT’s latest anti-cheat update hit one of the peskiest aimbots—and cheaters are fuming

If you’re encountering an oddly high number of suspicious VALORANT players in your ranked games these days, the latest Vanguard update should put a smile on your face. 

According to Anti-Cheat Police Department on X (formerly Twitter), Riot Games’ latest Vanguard patch addresses VALORANT hardware cheats developed using Arduino, and cheaters are baffled. Don’t miss out on the clip below showing a cheater’s hilarious reaction to their ban.

The cheat devs apparently thought they’d found a workaround using Interception—a popular input driver—but things didn’t go as planned. They were suddenly kicked from the game with VALORANT error codes 4 and 5, then their accounts were suspended. 

The update also fixes the memory integrity (HVCI) component, so cheaters will have a harder time using hardware hacks in the future.

In another tweet, the Anti-Cheat Police Department shared the details of 227 cheaters who were punished in the past two weeks and left a reassuring note for the community. “If you encounter any cheaters in your own games, you can report them to us over at Discord and we’ll take care of them,” the tweet reads. So, if you’re frustrated about undetectable cheats, you can always send a direct report to Anti-Cheat Police Department. Make sure you include enough evidence, of course. 

But that’s not all. A player named elora#stay (Sumi#kitty) received a special mention for “being boosted to Radiant by cheaters,” although she isn’t a confirmed cheater herself. Anti-Cheat Police Department confirmed she’s been given a permanent suspension as well as a hardware ban. So, it turns out you can get a hardware ban in VALORANT even if you aren’t technically a cheater: Your integrity matters.

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