Fallout New Vegas noobs are getting a brutal initiation from veteran players

The Fallout series on Amazon Prime is luring tons of new players to the Bethesda franchise, but veterans in the community have come up with a brutal initiation.

While Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 have seen the biggest increase in player numbers following the release of the TV series, older titles like Fallout New Vegas have also seen a bump—and veteran players in the have been incredibly cruel.

Fallout New Vegas character is killing super mutants
The best in the biz. Image via Bethesda

First spotted by The Gamer, some experienced Fallout New Vegas players have provided “advice” to newcomers by encouraging them to visit a specific location on the map to “get some good starting gear.”

The location proposed is Quarry Junction, which will lead to alarm bells ringing in the heads of players who have experience in Fallout New Vegas, but new players are oblivious to the dangers that lurk in wait.

One player shared the outcome on social media, which left them scared to death after encountering the Deathclaws and resulted in another player congratulating them for passing an “initiation.”

For those who aren’t as well versed in the Fallout universe, Deathclaws are a dangerous type of enemy that can be difficult to kill for even the most experienced player—they’re definitely not the sort of challenge newcomers should undertake.

If one Deathclaw isn’t enough, Quarry Junction in Fallout New Vegas has a whole gang waiting to pounce, and four Deathclaws is certainly not a fight that any player should be looking to jump into.

Though it seems mean, the “initiation” is a bit of harmless fun from more experienced players to the newcomers in the series and provides a valuable lesson that you shouldn’t listen to everything on the internet.

On the flip side, if you want to see just how difficult life in Fallout New Vegas can be, head to Quarry Junction for a clear indication.

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