Fan-favorite LoL mode reportedly coming to LCK CL this summer

More competitive League of Legends tournaments are implementing the fan-favorite Fearless mode. On May 14, reports claimed LCK Challengers League is following suit.

The second-tier League competition in South Korea is reportedly about to launch the Fearless Draft mode this summer, according to Korizon Esports journalist, Kevin Kim. The change is expected to be applied to all matches, including playoffs.

Like in the LCK, the Challengers League matches feature a best-of-three format, with playoffs played in best-of-five series. Therefore, the Fearless mode has a lot of potential in the competition. It’s favored by the community since it forces teams to introduce more variety to their drafts.

In the LCK CL’s Fearless mode, each champion will be allowed to be picked only once throughout the series. “All champions that have been picked in the previous game will be banned for both teams for the remainder of the series,” Kim added. The only exception is game five of BO5, where there are no limits, and each champ can be picked.

Wenbo "JackeyLove" Yu (L) and Lin "Creme" Jian of Top Esports during MSI Play-Ins
LPL is also introducing the mode this summer. Photo via Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games

LCK CL isn’t the only Asian competition to add Fearless mode to its format. It was first launched in 2022 in the second-tier Chinese league, the LDL. Last month, LPL confirmed its newest format changes, in which a certain stage of the 2024 Summer Split will be played in Fearless mode as well.

The community has been loving the idea. “Oh the casts are going to be glorious. I can’t wait for a full 9 games days with a delirious Atlus and Chronicler cast with champions that haven’t been picked in forever,” one fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Fans also believe this change will also make it to the main competition in South Korea, LCK, and hopefully to other regions as well. “I hope Fearless Draft just becomes standard all across League,” one fan wrote. While this is likely, it will probably take some time.

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