Fated TFT players gain an extra day to force best Set 11 comp

The Fated Thresh and Syndra build in Teamfight Tactics was considered one of the best comps of Patch 14.9—and it isn’t getting nerfed right away when Patch 14.10 goes live. 

Following the TFT Set 11 Patch 14.10 Rundown by game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, many high-Elo players voiced concerns about the Fated Thresh/Syndra build that began in 14.8B taking over the meta. With the second round of Tactician Trials and Cups taking place during Patch 14.10, Mortdog investigated the concerns and found them to be legit. No changes are expected to ship when the update goes live but instead will be added through a 14.10 B-patch that’s set to drop on May 15. 

Ghostly Fated Thresh and Aphelios comp in TFT Set 11
The power of Fated Thresh and Syndra has an extra day to dominate. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Key strengths of the Fated Thresh/Syndra build, according to Mortdog, are Thresh providing too much extra EHP through early and mid-game stages, Ornn and the Dryad trait also providing too much EHP during the late-game Stages, and Ahri’s Fated bonus granting to much general power. The call to ship a quick B-patch was made by Mortdog, even though it’s not the most optimal choice for players preparing to compete in the Inkborn Fables Trials this weekend. 

“I chose to have a possible suboptimal day one of the patch, in order to ensure the best possible patch for days two-14 of it,” Mortdog said. “If you disagree with that call, I get it.”

The EHP is one of the main issues of the Fated Thresh/Syndra comp in TFT Set 11. Mortdog addressed this in a recent tweet, explaining how a two-star champion on Stage Two can make a difference in a fight because it has an HP advantage. Many of the four-cost champions had their HP nerfed in Patch 14.10 for this very reason. 

Once Patch 14.10 goes live on May 14, the team will evaluate and pay close attention to how the Fated Thresh/Syndra comp performs against other builds that were buffed through the update. If the comp continues to dominate, a 14.10 B-patch will address the balancing issues on May 15. 

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