Dead by Daylight previews Castlevania collaboration in eighth-anniversary stream

The final announcement from Dead by Daylight’s eighth-anniversary stream today was a huge tease as the Behaviour Interactive team shared it has an upcoming collaboration with Castlevania. We didn’t get much beyond a brief teaser, but we saw a silhouette of the menacing Dracula and his castle.

This was the last teaser shared in the Dead by Daylight stream after learning that Vecna was confirmed as the next Killer making their way into the game. Although we have yet to learn much about Castlevania or how Dracula will be involved in this upcoming collaboration, there’s a lot we can speculate about, especially given today’s official Vecna reveal. Thankfully for fans of the game, Behaviour has also shared when we can expect to learn more.

Dracula in Dead by Daylight
Dracula and his castle stand under the blood moon, awaiting their arrival at Dead by Daylight. Image via Behaviour Interactive

The teaser was a 20-second trailer showcasing Dracula as he stands outside his castle, transforming into a cloud of bats before whisking himself away. This is similar to when Behaviour shared the announcement of its Dungeons and Dragons collaboration shortly before making the official trailer showing off Vecna and the Bard, the upcoming Killers and Survivors joining the fog.

Given the vast history of Castlevania, there are mountains of lore and references the Behaviour team can pull from to include in this collaboration. We don’t know what iterations of Survivors there will be or what type of Dracula will be used to showcase this Killer’s incredible strength and ferocity, however. 

Behaviour Interactive has confirmed we’ll hear more about the upcoming Castlevania collaboration later this year on Aug. 6. We’ll have to go through most of the summer until the devs are ready to talk more details, but when they are, prepare to jump into the public test build for Dead by Daylight to try everything out before it’s released. We have several months before that happens, and in the meantime, we can enjoy Vecna’s arrival to the fog.

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