Destiny 2 previews 3 new explosive Exotic armors coming alongside The Final Shape

Each of Destiny 2’s three Guardian classes will be getting a new Exotic armor alongside The Final Shape expansion when it launches in just a few weeks.

Bungie revealed the new Exotic armors, all chest armors, in separate videos on Twitter/X today, and they each inspire some ideas for build-crafting around them when it comes to new class builds and loadouts. All three have a theme, though—making things go boom.

Mataiodoxia is the new Warlock armor that will create suspending Strand detonations when hitting enemies with the subclass’ Arcane Needles melee attack, which will create an area-of-effect that will hang targets in midair to be finished off with ease.

Hunters will get the chest piece Gifted Connection. Bungie says the armor will create bouncing Arc explosives via Arc aspects, basically sending out a volley of electric grenades in an area around the Guardian.

Finally, Titans receive what may be the coolest armor out of the three, Hazardous Propulsion. Nothing makes things go boom like Titans, and this chest piece will add to the fantasy by firing out a wave of rockets whenever you use your class ability.

Ahead of The Final Shape’s launch soon, Bungie has made several Destiny 2 expansions free until its release, including Beyond Light, which has permanently unlocked the Stasis subclass for all players. Last year’s expansion, Lightfall, is also available for free on PlayStation Plus this month.

Right now in Destiny, players can try out the free wave-based co-op mode Onslaught, alongside the new Pantheon boss gauntlet mode, which pits fireteams against numerous raid bosses like Oryx, The Taken King, and others in succession.

The armor and a slew of new weapons and other enhancements, like the Prismatic subclass, will all be obtainable when The Final Shape launches on all Destiny 2 platforms on June 4.

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