Overwatch 2’s Porsche collab offers up 2 legendary skins, 40,000 battle pass XP in limited-time challenges

It’s time to suit up and drive, Overwatch 2 gamers: The Porsche collaboration is now live, offering two legendary skins and limited-time challenges to grind through.

The Porsche D.Va and Porsche Pharah skins are now available in the Overwatch 2 shop, either through separate listings or together in the Porsche Mega Bundle, from today until June 3. But the event also features free rewards along with a number of challenges to complete for a whopping 40,000 battle pass experience.

D.Va posing next to Pharah with their Porsche collab skins in OW2
Looking good. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Free rewards in the OW2 event include the “Porsche” and “Zero to Sixty” name cards, and a “Porsche Drift” spray, each “meticulously crafted to bring the cutting-edge style and innovation of Porsche directly into the Overwatch 2 universe,” Blizzard said.

All of the cosmetics are “high-voltage” electric-themed, to coincide with the legendary Porsche skins for the two heroes, which are inspired by the Porsche Macan and Porsche Taycan, both all-electric vehicles for the luxury car company—which will apparently be building MEKAs and flight suits in the distant future of OW2.

D.Va’s skin bundle includes the “Test Drive” highlight intro, a “Night Drive” name card, a “Porsche” avatar, and the “Sweet Ride” spray, while Pharah’s bundle will include the “Porsche Flight” name card along with the skin.

A trailer for the skins was released yesterday, showing off D.Va and Pharah’s sleek, Porsche-themed looks. They’re also inspired by the Macan and Taycan and offer unique sound effects akin to those you may hear while zooming down the highway in a Porsche of your own while they fly around the maps of OW2.

While the skins will be in the shop until June 3, the event ends a bit earlier, on May 27, so make sure you grab them before they zoom away—just like a Porsche.

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