Roblox’s leaked event The Classic has an official release date—and it’s soon

It’s been almost two decades since Roblox opened its doors to the public. Since then, the online phenomenon has become one of the most popular game-building platforms in the world.

Although Roblox has evolved tremendously since its original release, fans are ready for a blast from the past with the new Classic event that will be debuting this month. If you remember the way Roblox used to look, it was a simple game that was reminiscent of old LEGO blocks and relatively stocky, simple graphics. And the company confirmed today that The Classic event will be starting on Thursday, May 23, finally giving the player base a solid timeline for the next update.

In the short announcement video, Roblox mimicked old DVD idle animations with a different icon moving across the screen, including an old-style hat with the original Roblox logo, a hamburger, a yellow and blue construction hat, a rubber duck, a sword, and more. The music was also a callback to the original game trailer for the platform from over 15 years ago.

The event will include a whole plethora of different games for players to enjoy, although some gamers seem a bit pessimistic about the quality of the event. For example, some players are worried that the upcoming games will not include popular OG choices and will have games like the leaked Toilet Tower Defense.

Even still, this is a good sign for the player base since the developers are getting more involved with the community, which has stayed strong and grown over Roblox’s extensive history. Long have we left the days of blocky worlds and animations, with developers creating immersive games from the comfort of Roblox’s familiar engine.

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