FaZe Clan drops over a dozen content creators from its roster as Banks hits reset button

The FaZe Clan brand continued to clean house over the past weekend, cutting several of its gaming content creators in the midst of a self-described company “reboot.”

In a Saturday post on X, FaZe Clan effectively announced which members were cut and which were staying with the organization. The list of creators cut from the organization include several that have been with the organization for a number of years: Agony, Blaze, Booya, Cbass, Cizzorz, Faxuty, Flea, H1ghSk1, Kalei, Nate_Hill, Nio, Proze, Santana, Sway, and Testy. Names like Kitty and Bloo have also been kicked.

According to FaZe founder Banks, the roster now consists of himself, Adapt, Apex, Jev, Kaysan, Nickmercs, Replays, Ronaldo, Rug, Scope, Swagg, Temperrr, YourRage, and Zooma. Following the culling of numerous creators, FaZe made its first new signing official, bringing on streamer Plaqueboymax. The FaZe reboot announcement post featured three more spots that will be filled by more creators.

Kalei’s departure from FaZe has garnered some of the most attention from the community. Kalei revealed on stream this past weekend that she had been kicked, and shared some of her frustrations with her viewers. “It’s hard to be a content creator who has so much love and passion for this team, and didn’t get a dime from them, and still got handed a shit end to them at the end of the day.” In a reply to Kalei’s post on X, Banks stated that she was “recruited unfortunately during the darkest era of FaZe and we just have to wipe our slate clean at all costs.”

Banks has been on a cutting spree since regaining control over FaZe. Earlier this month, on an episode of Drama Alert, he said that the company had cut down the number of employees from roughly 140 to 30, and added that he wanted to cut down even further to “like 10.” Crypto gaming appears to be major focus for both Banks and FaZe in the near future.

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