THE FINALS introduces Terminal Attack, a new mode straight out of CS2 and VALORANT

In season two of THE FINALS, the hacker group CNS brought us the first five-vs-five mode. Now they’re at it again, and some of you may find this addition to the game very familiar.

In a trailer on April 29, THE FINALS revealed a new mode coming to the game on May 2: Terminal Attack. It’s a five-vs-five round-based game mode where one team has to attack a Terminal to deliver the Decryption Key, while the opposing team has to defend that Terminal and prevent the attackers from achieving their goal.

Unlike every other mode in THE FINALS, in Terminal Attack, there’s no passive healing, no revives, and just one life per round. This format is very similar to what you can see in some of the most popular competitive FPS games like CS2, VALORANT, and Rainbow Six: Siege.

There’s still a THE FINALS twist to the game mode, though. The Decryption Key is a carriable item, like the Cashbox in Quick Cash, and you can throw it into the Terminal (which is just a reskinned Cashout) just the same. That, paired with an extensive range of gadgets and Specializations, will make rounds play out differently than what you would expect in other competitive games.

The game mode also seems to be shorter than full matches of CS2 and VALORANT. Terminal Attack is the best of seven rounds (first to four wins), and you can likely expect one match to last up to 20 minutes, similar to VALORANT‘s Swiftplay.

Terminal Attack is the second five-vs-five game mode in THE FINALS after Embark introduced Power Shift in season two. It seems the developer is leaning toward a more widespread team FPS format rather than the game’s initial multi-team game modes, and it’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues in future updates.

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