THE FINALS goes back in time with season 3, introducing feudal map and equipment

The competition must go on. As season two of THE FINALS nears its end, developer Embark Studios has revealed details about season three—and it’s the opposite of what you might expect.

During the Summer Game Fest live showcase on June 7, THE FINALS announced its next season, set to release on June 13. Season three of THE FINALS is themed around feudal Japan and features a new map, gadgets, weapons, and more.

Players jumping into THE FINALS arena
Jump into an entirely new arena. Image via Embark Studios

The main addition to the game is the Kyoto 1568 map. It features Japanese 16th-century temples, gardens, and bamboo forests instead of urban areas we’re used to on maps like Seoul 2023. Even though it’s not a modern map, you can still expect a variety of elevations, layered buildings, hidden traversal options, and sneaky movement to keep the matches fun. There are also Japanese Shoji paper walls you can shoot through for maximum destruction.

Since we’re heading to feudal Japan, we need the right tools. THE FINALS season three adds five themed items, including the Recurve Bow weapon for the Light build, Dual Katanas melee weapon for the Medium build, and a Winch Claw specialization for the Heavy build that allows you to hook enemies towards you.

Aside from the Japanese-themed additions, in season three, the Terminal Attack game mode is getting its own Ranked playlist for those who want a more traditional competitive FPS experience. Terminal Attack was first introduced during season two and is a 5-vs-5 round-based mode similar to CS2 and VALORANT.

Finally, season three of THE FINALS introduces the World Tour events series, which consists of events and tournaments with different rules, loadouts, and locations. Based on your performance in the World Tour, you can earn different rewards at the end of the season, including Multibucks.

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