THE FINALS season 3 offers players a new reason to return with the World Tour series

THE FINALS season three is right around the corner, and we got a sneak peek of what’s coming in a live preview event on June 11.

The event lasted for two hours, and during that time, I got the chance to see the main attractions of season three of THE FINALS launching on June 13, including a new map, weapons, gadgets, and the World Tour event series. Out of all these things, the World Tour is what really caught my eye.

THE FINALS World Tour event
Where to next? Screenshot by Dot Esports

The World Tour is a series of Unranked Tournaments that rotate every few weeks. Every new tour stop features different rules, maps, and contracts aiming to keep things fresh. The playtest featured the Engimo Open tournament with classic Cashout Tournament rules (limited respawns and no loadout swapping mid-round) on the new Kyoto 1568 map.

In a community update on June 10, THE FINALS community lead Oscar revealed that throughout most of season three, World Tour focuses on Cashout Tournaments. He added that almost anything can happen in the World Tour, which likely means season three sets it up for something big and exciting later down the line.

As long as the differences between the tournaments are substantial enough for the game to feel fresh, the World Tour might become the main attraction for all players to keep coming back to as the season progresses. There are also new contracts, rewards, and newly introduced player card badges to earn in every tournament.

Aside from the World Tour, season three of THE FINALS has a few other additions themed around feudal Japan. The previously mentioned Kyoto 1568 is a nice change of pace with smaller buildings and more open spaces. Playing on it with the new weapons required a level of skill straight off the bat. Dual Katanas for the Medium build in particular felt like an innovative addition, as you barely ever go up close and personal as a Medium.

Season three features a lineup of content you might expect from a season of THE FINALS, but aside from limited-time events, the World Tour promises to be a reason to keep coming back to the game even after you explore everything the season has to offer.

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