CoD fans are practically begging for more of one specific game type in Black Ops 6

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is over four months away from being released, but the speculating and wishlisting for the next entry in the long-running FPS franchise has already begun.

While CoD players are stoked for the game being a sequel in the Black Ops franchise, the addition of “omnimovement,” and the return to round-based Zombies, that’s not stopping some from giving feedback on what else they’d like to see.

player firing gun in black ops 6
It’s a popular choice. Image via Activision

A passionate June 10 post from the newly minted Black Ops 6 Reddit page was full of discussion about wishes for more of one specific type of game mode: one-life modes, or non-respawn modes.

Currently, the main and one of the only options for those who enjoy playing tactically without the ability to respawn is Search and Destroy. SnD is a classic mode and favorite for many, but some are looking for alternatives.

“[BO6] is looking to be one of the GOATS (in CoD atleast) but without good game modes the game will become stale,” the poster of the thread said. “SnD can be fun and for MW3 it was my go-to game mode, even though I begged SHG for an alternative like Cyber Attack, it gets boring real quick.”

Alternative one-life modes in CoD in the past like Cyber Attack, Heist, and Prisoner Rescue have not been available much, especially compared to SnD, which never leaves the playlist rotation. Many say they’d love to see Cyber Attack return, whether it’s in MW3 or BO6, and they’re voicing how they feel.

I would especially love for Cyber Attack to return. The spin on SnD gives both teams the chance to pick up and plant the bomb or defend their base, along with the ability to revive dead teammates. It made for a great change-up on the SnD formula and would be a wonderful addition to BO6.

Keep making your voices heard, operators, and we may see some other choices besides SnD once BO6 drops on Oct. 25.

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