Milio gets first post-debut LoL skin with new Rain Shepherd skin line

It’s been over a year since Milio hit League of Legends‘ live servers, but now, the Gentle Flame is finally getting a new skin—and there’s a lot more splashing involved for someone who uses fire on a daily basis.

Milio will be joining Fizz in League‘s Rain Shepherd skin universe, as the two hop across lily pads while dancing in a downpour in a pair of beautiful, rain-based cosmetics. Unlike some recent skin releases, this skin line is cute, calm, and downright cozy with the sounds of rain and nature.

Fizz’s aesthetic matches well with the blues and greens of his Rain Shepherd skin, as he zips around with splashes galore while summoning a giant frog wearing a light blue vest and bucket hat for his ultimate ability. When he recalls, the rain starts to fall just a bit harder, prompting him to pop open an umbrella as he runs around with little frog friends.

Milio, on the other hand, has ditched his classic fiery colorway for some cooler blues and greens of his own. Instead of throwing around his soothing flame to heal his teammates, Milio will be using calming rain to protect his allies on the battlefield, whether he’s casting his Warm Hugs shield or healing up his pals with Cozy Campfire.

Instead of a fire, Milio has a small frog in his backpack that he carries around, and during his recall animation, he happily splashes around in the rain before three big frogs pop out of his backpack to join in on all the fun. This is Milio’s first skin since his release in 2023, his second skin overall after his Faerie Court skin, and the first skin to completely flip is original aesthetic with fire to water.

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