Helldivers 2 devs hit players with moral dilemma in new Major Order

Helldivers 2 players logging on today were faced with a sharp moral dilemma as part of the game’s latest Major Order: save the children hiding in a hospital or risk your lives rescuing trapped Anti-Tank mines. Which one will help Sweet Liberty in the long run?

The latest Helldivers 2 Major Order is underway. Players are required to aim their sights at one of two planets: Vernen Wells or Marfark. Thousands of super citizens are trapped inside a children’s hospital on the former, while the latter holds much-needed Anti-Tank mines that would boost the odds of Democracy against the never-ending threat of the socialist Automatons and tyrannical Terminids. Eager Helldivers will have to choose one or the other and determine who’s worth more in the grand stage of the Galactic War.

A pair of Helldivers fire on an objective with two weapons from the Polar Patriots Warbond in Helldivers 2.
Helldivers 2 keeps pumping out fantastic satire through its Major Orders. Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

The Major Order itself confirms that only one of the two planets and its contents and inhabitants can be saved. Players have already begun devising trolley problem memes on Reddit and discussing perhaps the biggest moral dilemma thus far. One user created an image where the children of Vernen Walls are shown as several potential casualties, whereas rescuing the weapons would kill far fewer people but net Super Earth exceptional bombs. “Watch the community derail it and kill both,” another user jokingly said. And Helldivers are known for causing much destruction and losing literal billions of personnel to achieve a grand total of nothing at all.

Helldivers 2 continues with its live service, giving players Major Orders left and right. The issues of balancing are still up in the air and the team at Arrowhead is working hard on ironing things out. The game is still yet to receive its new faction, despite all the teases over the past months, and we can only imagine what moral dilemmas await us in the near future.

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