Nick Eh 30 joins Fortnite’s Icon Series with shiny new bundle

After a few days of teasing, Epic Games has introduced a new skin in the Fortnite Icon Series, with popular content creator Nick Eh 30 joining the roster.

The new Nick Eh 30 set will enter the Fortnite shop on June 15 at 7pm CT, and includes a skin, emote, pickaxe, and wrap. Epic has also added a Never Back Down Jam Track and a Nick Eh 30 Decal for the Cyclone Car Body for those who enjoy Rocket Racing.

Nick Eh 30 Cyclone Car skin in Fortnite
What do you think about the Nick Eh 30 skins? Image via Epic Games

If you already have the Cyclone Car Body in Fortnite, you’ll automatically receive the Nick Eh 30 Decal when it comes to the shop, as well as every future Cyclone Decal not already in your collection.

While the Nick Eh 30 Outfit, Eh Crown Pickaxe, and Never Back Down Back Bling are included in the set launching on June 15, players can unlock them early by competing in a special Nick Eh 30 Icon Cup on June 12, played in the Battle Royale Duos format.

Duos who get at least 30 eliminations in the tournament also earn a bonus You Think You’re the King? emote before it hits the shop, and all players who get at least eight points can unlock a special King Eh 30 Spray. That means, in total, there are five items you can unlock before anyone else, as long as you play well on that day.

The full set of Nick Eh 30 Fortnite items includes:

  • Nick Eh 30 Outfit
  • Eh Crown Pickaxe
  • Never Back Down Back Bling
  • You Think You’re The King? Emote
  • Eh Theme Wrap
  • Never Back Down Jam Track
  • Nick Eh 30 Decal for the Cyclone Car Body
  • King Eh 30 Spray

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