THE FINALS fans fear ‘sweaty’ gameplay has already killed game

THE FINALS completely changed the way we enjoy multiplayer FPS games. With massive destruction and fast-paced gameplay, THE FINALS launched with a loud bang, but fans are afraid its time is coming to an end.

When THE FINALS launched in December 2023, it averaged around 150,000 concurrent players, according to SteamDB. At the time of writing, the average player count has dropped to around 15 thousand. It’s natural for any game to drop in numbers a few months after launch, but fans on Reddit on June 4 pointed out it’s “one of the best FPS games out right now,” and the main reason the player count is so low is sweaty players.

An image of a character holding a gun in THE FINALS
Who’s to blame? Image via Embark Studios

“It’s very much one of those games where once it’s out long enough there’s a massive skill gap in players and without enough players to fill up SBMM it dies,” one player wrote. Much like any multiplayer game, THE FINALS has an ever-evolving meta that players who regularly play the game know. If you are a new player or someone who plays occasionally, chances are you’ll get stomped multiple times before you start having fun.

“I downloaded it on a whim about a month after release. Good gunplay, fun loop, but after three matches of just getting straight up obliterated I uninstalled. There’s simply no point in trying unless you’re there on day one with these games,” a player responded.

Another issue players brought up is the number of cheaters at launch. While Embark constantly updates the anti-cheat, cheaters almost certainly led to players abandoning the game early on.

Many believe THE FINALS won’t die completely, but in the current state, there’s “just no room for casuals when they can’t even get footing to learn the game.”

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