LEGO Horizon Adventures finally confirmed release date later this year

Aloy is leaving the realistic world of Horizon to embark on a new adventure in LEGO Horizon Adventures, announced at Summer Game Fest 2024. You can team up with friends and experience the fun this holiday season.

The game puts a unique twist on the Horizon franchise as Aloy enters a LEGO world for a playful and lighthearted departure from her usual more serious adventures. You get to explore a vast brick world with many hidden secrets, build up an entire village, unlock unique outfits, hunt for loot, battle imposing enemies, and much more.

Aloy fighting in LEGO Horizon Adventures.
Team up with friends for even more fun. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The usually serious tone of the Horizon franchise is replaced by the fun and goofy one typical of LEGO content. The tone might be a little different from her usual adventures, but Aloy is still the central character navigating her way through complex battles and situations.

LEGO Horizon Adventures is also a multiplayer game, which means you can navigate through the adventure with at least one friend by your side. The exact number of players who can join in hasn’t been shared yet, but we know at least one other player can team up with you. LEGO games often only allow for two players to enjoy the experience together, so that’s likely the case with this one too.

We’re still waiting on an exact release date for the LEGO game, but it will launch sometime around the end of 2024. Since the announcement at Summer Game Fest said holiday season, this likely means either November or December.

LEGO Horizon Adventures will be available for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC through the Steam and Epic Games stores. It’s available across all platforms from day one, which means you can jump into the action as soon as it’s live.

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