Final Fantasy XIV fans dive into Job changes and have heavy criticism for one

We’re drawing closer to the Dawntrail expansion in Final Fantasy XIV, which launches in early access at the end of June. Ahead of that launch, the media tour for the expansion has finished, and fans now have the chance to check out the significant Job changes before they go live.

Most of the Job changes in Final Fantasy XIV are of little significance this time. Many add a handful of new abilities that players will wiggle into their ability rotation. However, one Job, Black Mage, is getting some heavy heat ahead of the release. This one receives some of the most significant changes, with heavy adjustments to abilities and a new gauge.

Black Mage fighting in Dawntrail Job Actions trailer
Some players might not enjoy the changes to Black Mage. Image via Square Enix.

The changes have been officially shared by those who had a chance to test the expansion before its release. A full breakdown of those Jobs has been posted everywhere, with a thorough community breakdown on Reddit. These contain a full infographic for every Job in Final Fantasy XIV, including the upcoming Viper and Pictomancer, for those curious to try those on the first day ahead of the various new dungeons and raids.

Some of the major changes to Black Mage include the removal of Sharpcast and Ice Paradox. Fire Paradox is now an instant cast for players. Black Mage also comes with a new gauge called Astral Soul. The gauge on the Astral Soul fills as the Black Mage uses specific abilities, and when they have all six charges, they can cast Flare Star that uses the full gauge. One change many users might not shake their heads at is that Manafont fully restores a user’s MP, grants Astral Fire 3, a Thunderheat activation, and three Umbrell hearts.

Overall, fans don’t know how to feel about these significant changes. There are a lot of minor adjustments for Black Mage, such as various potency number adjustments, but players won’t have a chance to get their hands on everything until Dawntrail arrives. Although the initial reaction to Black Mage might not be ideal, it’s telling that only one is bringing in heat from the community of the many Jobs someone can pick in Final Fantasy XIV.

For those who want to check out the Viper and Pictomancer Job abilities, those have also been shared by those who participated in the media tour. Viper is a simple-to-play job with some of the fastest abilities to use against a foe. Pictomancer has a unique canvas gauge players use in their rotation. Final Fantasy XIV fans have a lot to look forward to when they arrive in Dawntrail when it arrives to early access on June 28.

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