Stunning Secret Lair art cards have dropped into MTG Pro Tour 2025 season

Wizards of the Coast has tapped into the portfolio of popular artists for the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour promo cards for the 2024-2025 season, featuring Secret Lair-style artwork.

The 2024-2025 MTG Pro Tour season will have double the Regional Championships for the US region, increasing it from one to two. Promo cards for the upcoming season have adapted a Secret Lair-style of artwork on Magic cards like Sesoned Pyromancer, Sleight of Hand, Supreme Verdict, and Nexus of Fate. And the artwork is stunning, even if the text is hard to read on some of the MTG Pro Tour promo cards.  

How to get MTG Pro Tour 2024-2025 season promo cards

The first US Pro Tour Regional Championship will take place at SCG CON from Oct. 4 to 6. The prize promo card for the tournament is Seasoned Pyromancer, illustrated by Jack Teagle. All participants will get a non-foil version, while top finishers will also get a traditional foil variant. 

Also taking place this fall are Regional Championship MTG Pro Tour qualifiers (RCQ) that feature two promo cards: Supreme Verdict and Sleight of Hand. Players competing in RCQ tournaments at the Wizard Play Network (WPN) stores will get a non-foil version of Sleight of Hand, illustrated by Helvetica Blanc. Top finishers will get a non-foil copy of Supreme Verdict, illustrated by Stephen Andrade. And all players who qualify for the second MTG Pro Tour Regional Championship will receive a foil copy of Supreme Verdict. 

The second MTG Pro Tour Regional Championship for the 2024-2025 season doesn’t have an exact date yet but is slated to take place between Jan. and March. All competitors will get a non-foil Nexus of Fate promo card, illustrated by Sophy Hollington. And top finishers will also earn a traditional foil copy. 

What does the MTG community think about the Secret Lair promo cards?

Reviews of the 2024-2025 Pro Tour promo cards are mixed from the MTG community. Most feel the art on the cards is more important than being able to read the text, as the resale value of Secret Lair art styles is most often higher than regular versions. As gameplay pieces, though, some players find it difficult to justify the wild styles of art and text. 

“I don’t love these kinds of bizarre-looking cards, but I do feel that if they’re going to do them then instants and sorceries are the best card types to do them on, since the caster will announce them and they don’t hang out on the battlefield confusing people after that, said a Reddit user

Despite the mixed reviews, Secret Lair drops have seen a huge amount of success over the last year or two, so it would make sense for WotC to continue to capitalize on that style of art through promo card promotions. You can visit the WotC website for all information regarding how to qualify for an upcoming MTG Pro Tour Regional Championship. 

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