‘F**ked up’: LoL star Spica calls out FlyQuest after finding out he was replaced on Twitter in 2023

After spending the first half of the year out of the spotlight, superstar LCS jungler Mingyi “Spica” Lu has finally found a home with Dignitas for the 2024 Summer Split—and he isn’t holding back when it comes to his former team.

During the team’s roster announcement for Spica, the 23-year-old former MVP said that in 2023, he first found out about FlyQuest replacing him on the starting lineup through a Twitter post. The experienced jungler said that it was “pretty f***ed up” that he had to learn about the change this way.

Spica believes that the team failed to gel together in 2023 due to a clash of personalities, even though they were loaded with exceptional talent from top lane to support. He also realized that he wasn’t assertive enough while with the organization and that it is very difficult to connect with your teammates when you’re losing.

In the 2023 offseason, FlyQuest picked up a whole new roster to start the new year, including superstar jungler Kacper “Inspired” Słoma. He was the immediate successor to Spica, but because the former MVP wasn’t informed about the decision-making process, he was forced to become a content creator and streamer for the first half of 2024.

Moving forward, Spica is much more hopeful for the future of Dignitas, and their chances in the 2024 Summer Split. He says that he and his new teammates have been getting along well so far, and have similar viewpoints towards the game, which should help with building synergy on and off the Summoner’s Rift.

Spica joins a veteran squad of notable North American mainstays on Dignitas’ new-look lineup, with familiar names like Licorice, Jensen, Zven, and Isles loading up for a new beginning. Dignitas hasn’t seen much success since they returned to competitive League in 2020, but this roster has the potential to make some waves this coming season.

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