Gray Zone Warfare devs roll back busted Patch 5.2, apologize for not trusting fan reports

After a horrendous reception to Gray Zone Warfare‘s latest update, developers have rolled back all changes and issued a formal apology to the player base for not believing in the hundreds of fan reports about the debilitating issues plaguing the game across all servers.

According to Madfinger CEO Marek Rabas, the developer team behind Gray Zone Warfare failed to release a fast fix for the ongoing issues because they didn’t believe their own community and the mass reports from a majority of the players, from Twitter to Reddit and beyond. As a result, the team has rolled back Hotfix 5.3 and will be working on a new hotfix update in the near future.

“We couldn’t reproduce it on our end, and after checking every commit, we were sure none of the fixes could affect client performance,” Rabas said in a statement. “This was a big mistake; it turned out to be a wrong merge and unwanted changes were propagated to the hotfix branch.”

Several different issues suddenly cropped up after the introduction of Hotfix 5.3, including a plethora of errors and crashes that prevented players from riding in helicopters, loading into a session, or starting up the game entirely. For the few that managed to load in, however, they faced horrible FPS problems that made the game unplayable in any area on the Lemang map.

Some players also reported losing a lot of gear while playing a game, especially when loading up a helicopter to fly to a landing zone. When asked about in-game compensation for all the lost gear due to bugs, Rabas said that Gray Zone Warfare did not have a system in place but is in the pipeline to be worked on by the developers.

The timeline for the next hotfix has not been confirmed, but it should be deployed on live servers once the team is confident that the old issues have been ironed out.

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