Gray Zone Warfare devs say they are ‘reining in aimbot AI,’ but it’s supposed to be challenging

It turns out the biggest threat to players in Gray Zone Warfare isn’t other players from opposing factions, but rather the aimbot-like AI. But while the devs are going to tone down the AI aiming prowess, players shouldn’t expect it to get too easy.

In the second GZW community briefing, the team at MADFINGER Games confirmed that one of its biggest immediate priorities is enemy AI, which has been a consistent issue for the greater community. But while the AI’s aiming will seemingly be nerfed soon, over time the AI is only going to get harder.

“We are working towards reining in the aimbot AI,” the dev team said in their latest update. “They currently do have unusual behaviors, and the developers are currently looking into this to make them more consistent and less accurate at range, and making the more AI tracking more consistent with line of sight.

“These will not be overnight fixes and will take a little bit of time to work on,” they added. “At the same time, we never intended the AI to be easy, and as GZW progresses the enemy AI will become smarter and harder.”

The enemy AI has certainly been a menace to contend with while exploring in Gray Zone Warfare, as time and time again players (including us) have been picked off by a single perfect shot to either the head or crucial organ, often while running from cover to cover through foliage. Against tougher AI opponents with armor that take several shots to down, it can be especially frustrating to just pepper them before getting downed by one perfect shot.

An exact timeline for the enemy AI issue has not been given, as the team is also working on fixing the busy helicopter issue, optimization, and eventually adding quality-of-life improvements like lean toggling, downed teammate carrying, loot variety, and automated locker sorting.

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