FlyQuest sideline LoL coach to investigate accusations around underage interactions

Another series of hefty accusations has shaken the League of Legends scene, with serious allegations surfacing against FlyQuest’s positional coach, Richard Su, about his conduct around underaged girls.

The 28-year-old former pro reportedly maintained an X account with a fake identity to speak with multiple underaged individuals, according to esports journalist Sander Hove. In one alleged instance, Su used an alias that was supposedly 14 years old to speak to a 17-year-old girl on the social media platform. These allegations are also supposedly well-known within the Oceanic League scene.

FlyQuest also released a statement regarding allegations surrounding a staff member, although they did not specify which member was being investigated by the team. The allegations were dated before the member joined the staff, but the team will be holding “the highest standards of integrity and accountability in [their] employees.”

FlyQuest has placed the staff member in question on administrative leave while the organization conducts a full investigation on the subject. Hove also confirmed that he had been working with FlyQuest during his own investigation, and that the organization was contacted before he published the article.

Su joined the FlyQuest organization in 2021 through the team’s Academy staff and has been working with the main roster since 2022. He has been a positional coach for the team through their recent run to the top of the 2024 Spring Split regular season, and now, the team is poised to win an LCS championship after taking out both Team Liquid and Cloud9.

They will, however, need to figure out this situation with their coach behind the scenes while they look towards a trophy on stage.

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