Nailbiter against Vitality sees FaZe karrigan make it to home grand final at CS2 Major

FaZe Clan have reached the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major grand final after a close series against Team Vitality.

This victory puts FaZe’s in-game leader, karrigan, one step away from winning the first Counter-Strike Major on his home turf, Denmark. The Dane achieved so by outmatching Vitality on Inferno and Nuke, even as their rivals took Vertigo along the way.

In Copenhagen, karrigan and his crew surprised the audience by adding Vertigo to their map pool. It worked versus Spirit in the quarterfinals, but FaZe were unable to secure it this time around. However, in the post-match interview, karrigan claimed it gives his team an edge, as now their enemies won’t know what map he will ban in a best-of-three series.

FaZe standing on the stage at the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major.
FaZe have secured another final. Photo by Joao Ferreira via PGL.

They need to win one more series to bring home the silverware. FaZe will match against either G2 Esports or Natus Vincere in the Copenhagen CS2 Major‘s grand final, depending on who wins the second semifinal on March 30. Still, looking at FaZe’s phenomenal form, they are bound to be the favorites. So far in CS2, there have been seven tier-one events, and karrigan’s men have reached the final in each of them, hoisting three trophies along the way, and not even a roster change could stop them.

Better still, FaZe will likely have a sixth player behind their back in the form of the crowd in the Royal Arena, who have been hugely supportive of them in the playoffs matches so far. The grand final is scheduled for 2pm on March 31.

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