Riot plans to add League of Legends servers in Middle East in 2024

It’s been over four years since Riot Games shared plans to expand League of Legends servers into the Middle East, and now, those plans might be making it off the page into reality.

Riot will launch official League of Legends servers in the Middle East and plan to localize the game in Arabic for players in the MENA region. This means that players in MENA will not only enjoy heavily reduced ping but also enjoy the game with reworked game interfaces and champion voiceovers with the correct linguistic nuances.

Since 2019, Riot has worked through the MENA region through the company’s Dubai offices, but they have only been focusing on publishing efforts instead of creating a more immersive player experience for the fanbase in the region. But this coming summer, the developers will finally be making some progress for the new servers.

This news also came in conjunction with Riot’s plans to have both League and Teamfight Tactics at the upcoming 2024 Esports World Cup, which is taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of the country’s latest efforts to enter the modern entertainment industry.

It is a move that has garnered plenty of criticism from the League community, even though there are plenty of other supporters that are excited for the new servers headed to the Middle East. With these new servers, players can finally enjoy their favorite games at a manageable ping without worrying about connecting to another location.

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