FlyQuest swoops in to pick up Australian CS2 roster after previous organization closed down

Less than a month after their previous organization ceased operations and released them, the top Australian Counter-Strike 2 roster has found a new home with a North American organization.

FlyQuest, who competes in the top tier of League of Legends in the LCS, signed the Australian CS2 roster that competed under the Grayhound banner up until the start of this month: dexter, Vexite, Liazz, aliStair, and INS.

New Australian CS2 roster for FlyQuest
A new beginning. Image via FlyQuest

Outside of dexter, the Grayhound roster core had been with the organization since September 2022 and managed to reach both the IEM Rio Major and the Paris Major, though they did not finish highly at either event. Heading into 2024, the team reacquired dexter after a long, relatively successful stint with MOUZ and a very short time on Fnatic.

However, the team’s worst fears came to be realized when they did not qualify for the first CS2 Major at PGL Copenhagen. Less than a week after losing to Chinese team Lynn Vision at the final RMR hurdle, Grayhound Gaming closed its doors after seven years, putting out a short statement on X confirming that “the dream is unfortunately over.”

While an official reason was not given, the assumption is that a lack of financial stability was what led to the closing of Grayhound, as missing out on the Major meant missing out on the sizable portion of sticker capsule revenue that is crucial to many smaller teams. Following the closing of Grayhound, IGL dexter put out his own statement, clarifying that the players intended to stick together in hopes of finding a new home.

Those hopes have now come to fruition thanks to FlyQuest. FlyQuest has consistently finished in the top half of the LCS over the past few years and reached Worlds in 2020. At time of writing, their current League roster is set to compete in the LCS Spring grand finals on March 31 and has already secured a spot at MSI this year. FlyQuest also competes in North American women’s CS2 and VALORANT under the FlyQuest Red banner.

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