Bungie adjusts weapon release window for Destiny 2’s Into the Light update

The upcoming Into the Light update for Destiny 2 is packed with exciting content for you to play and iconic weapons to grind for. While initially, the weapon rewards in the update were severely time-gated, Bungie has made an adjustment that should satisfy the community.

In a thread from the Destiny2Team X (formerly Twitter) account on March 28, the developers shared an update regarding the BRAVE arsenal rewards in the upcoming Into the Light patch for Destiny 2. They acknowledged player feedback regarding time-gated weapons and shortened the release schedule of new rewards until April 30 instead of May 21. In other words, every week after the release of Into the Light, you’ll get access to two new weapons from the BRAVE arsenal rather than just one.

An image showing the 12 weapons that will be reissued with Into the Light, including some of Destiny's most classic weapons.
More time to get them all. Image via Bungie

The developers added they think it’s important to have new rewards to look forward to in the first few weeks of the update, and they want to “pack the first half of Destiny 2: Into the Light before we introduce more playable content in the second half.”

The updated schedule will give you plenty of time to grind for the limited-edition variants of the BRAVE arsenal weapons. But Destiny 2 developers reiterated that even if you don’t manage to get the best version of the limited-edition weapons, the curated rolls that will be available from the Arcite’s quests are “excellent” and were picked by the development team to ensure you have a powerful arsenal heading into The Final Shape expansion on June 4.

It’s important to remember that the Onslaught activity and the entirety of the BRAVE arsenal will remain in the game once The Final Shape launches. Only the limited-edition variants with glowing ornaments will be gone for good, so you can keep grinding for that god-roll Mountaintop for as long as you like.

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