Into the Light’s weapon drop rates will be ‘among our highest in Destiny’s history,’ Bungie says

To prepare Guardians for The Final Shape, Bungie is making sure there’s plenty of loot to get in Destiny 2 during the Into the Light update.

In a thread on X (formerly Twitter), Destiny2Team shared how much loot we’ll be getting in the Into the Light update. According to the developers, the weapon drop rates will be among the highest in Destiny’s history, even “harkening back to the days of Season of Opulence.”

Three Guardians square off against Eliksni enemies in Midtown during a match of Onslaught.
Arm yourself. Image via Bungie

A big part of the loot system in Into the Light is the Attunement feature that increases the chances of a specific weapon from the BRAVE arsenal dropping from Onslaught activity chests to 50 percent for each dorp. The developers pointed out that we can expect to earn “several drops of the same weapon in a single session, especially on 50-Wave runs.”

Another way to get the BRAVE weapons will be by spending Trophies of Bravery at the weapon chest near Shaxx in the new social space, Hall of Champions. These trophies drop from all the core playlists of Destiny 2, including Raids, Dungeons, Ritual playlists, seasonal activities, and even the Onslaught activity itself. So, regardless of what you want to play, there’s still a way to earn extra copies of BRAVE weapons.

To put it simply, we should have plenty of opportunities to get a god roll of all the BRAVE weapons, which is especially important because all the weapons will have the ability to get enhanced perks once The Final Shape launches on June 4. Considering these weapons have some of the most powerful perk combinations ever seen, make sure to set some time aside and arm yourself before the fight with the Witness.

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