For Alderaan! Beloved Star Wars character could be getting another Fortnite skin

Everyone’s favorite Star Wars princess appears to be getting a new skin in Fortnite—if the latest leaks are correct.

Star Wars collabs are nothing new for Fortnite and will likely continue regularly given Disney’s huge investment into Epic Games—and fresh content seems to be right around the corner.

A collection of characters from Star Wars and their new corresponding outfits in Fortnite.
More to come. Screengrab via Epic Games

According to reliable dataminer Hype X on X (formerly Twitter), a Rebel Leia Organa skin is coming to Fortnite in the near future.

Leia Organa already has skins in Fortnite for her standard look of a white dress and hood and her Boushh disguise, which can be masked or unmasked, but a Rebel Leia Organa skin would show her real fighting spirit.

So far, only the “specific text” has been added for Rebel Leia Organa, and the image posted on social media is “for reference of what it might end up being”—but it looks exactly like you would want it to.

Though there is no date for when a Rebel Leia Organa skin could be added to Fortnite and whether other Star Wars skins will follow suit, a pretty solid estimate would be May 4 for Star Wars Day.

The datamine for a Rebel Leia Organa skin follows from previous uncoverings on March 8, which showed a Wookie Bowcaster weapon is due to be added. This hopefully means Chewbacca is right around the corner—it would be scandalous for him to be overlooked again.

Hopefully, we get to see more skins for Leia Organa, too, and I’m sure many fans would love to see the infamous gold bikini from her time as a slave with Jabba the Hutt. But I would personally love a full-on Disney princess look that makes her like Cinderella and others in the same category.

Failing that, just give us Jar-Jar Binks.

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