You can bring the solar eclipse to CS2 with this dreamy Zeus skin

On April 8, North American citizens could experience a solar eclipse. One Counter-Strike 2 player, SirYuwi, created a special Zeus skin to celebrate the rare event. 

The CS2 skin is called Celestial Moon and has a few patterns, each based on a purple, night-like background, with gray clouds and the moon appearing on different parts of Zeus. In one pattern, the button by the end of the barrel covers the moon, adding some spice to it. It has a dreamy vibe, almost allowing you to put enemies to sleep with the bolt of lighting that comes out of it.

We’re not the only ones in love with SirYuwi’s creation. Many other players in the comments praise their work. “Actually sick, the button covering the moon is genius,” one of the comments reads. “Bro. Huuuuge W. Well done,” another one added.

Certain players even claimed they’d buy this skin if it was made available in CS2, noting it would be their only Zeus purchase ever. Looking at the immense attention to detail, you can’t blame them. If Valve was to add it to the game, that would be some smart real-time marketing. However, it’s extremely unlikely.

The community would certainly be pleased with the new addition of CS2 skins. At the time of writing, it has been over two months since we saw Valve add fresh skins. Skins were last added on Feb. 6, when the Kilowatt Case introduced 17 weapon skins and a Kukri Knife in 13 different patterns.

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