Fortnite players left frustrated after Reload ignores Solos

Fortnite brought back Tilted Towers and parts of the OG map in the new Reload mode, featuring almost unlimited respawns, vaulted loot, and random teammates.

Unfortunately, Reload is designed for squads, leaving multiple Fortnite players upset they can’t enjoy the mode solo rather than with teammates that go to the opposite sides of the map. “Can people not enjoy a new game mode alone? I prefer not playing with fill and getting a bunch of 6 year olds. I just wanna enjoy gamemodes but they all are only for four people,” one player wrote in a Reddit thread on June 22.

Tilted Towers in the Fortnite Reload mode
Be titled in Tilted Towers. Image via Epic Games

Technically, you can play Fortnite Reload solo by setting the matchmaking settings to No Fill, but that destroys the core mechanic of the mode. Only if your squad is still alive can you respawn after death, and teammates can even reduce your respawn timer by making kills and wiping other squads. In a squad, you can respawn almost infinitely until respawns are disabled in the late-game. When playing solo, your match naturally ends after the first death without any second chances.

Fortnite players agreed Reload should have a solo mode with a dedicated respawn feature. One player brought up the solo Resurgence mode from Call of Duty, where you have an individual timer, and if you die before the timer expires, the game is over.

Others suggested some form of a token system to allow for multiple respawns. “You start with 5 and once they are gone they are gone. When its down to 5 people left the respawn tokens go away and no one can respawn,” a player wrote in the comments.

Fortnite Reload seems to be staying in the game for the foreseeable future, so Epic Games might make changes or introduce new variations of the mode. In the meantime, prepare to experience the chaos of random squads if you decide to jump in.

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