Gaming Chair Keeps Sinking (How To Fix)

You’ve just settled into your gaming chair, perfectly adjusted to your ideal height for a gaming session. However, as you lean in to make your first move, you feel it—that slow, steady descent as your chair sinks lower and lower.

Before you know it, you’re staring up at your desk, struggling to reach your keyboard and mouse. This sinking problem isn’t unique to gaming chairs; it’s a common issue that plagues many office chairs as well. Typically, it starts to appear as your chair ages, often after a few years of regular use. Additionally, such problems can also arise if you’re rough with your chair. Throwing yourself onto it while sitting or doing rather extreme moves while moving around could damage the chair’s joints and other mechanics.

While your first instinct might be to toss out the old chair and splurge on a new one, don’t reach for your wallet just yet. With a few simple repairs, you can breathe new life into your trusty gaming throne and save yourself the expense of a replacement.

Why do gaming chairs sink over time?

Gaming chairs can sink over time due to several factors, including:

  • Faulty gas lift cylinders
  • Low-quality components
  • Leaking hydraulic fluid
  • Gas lift damage
  • Exceeding the chair’s weight limit
  • Cylinder attachment issues
  • Mechanism malfunctions

While some of these problems can be fixed manually with simple tools and techniques, others may require replacement parts or professional intervention. In some cases, particularly with extensive damage or very low-quality chairs, the cost of repairs might approach or exceed the price of a new chair, making replacement a more economical choice. However, for many sinking chair issues, DIY fixes can effectively extend the life of your gaming chair without breaking the bank.

How to fix a sinking gaming chair

If your gaming chair is sinking, one of the simplest fixes you can apply requires you to get your hands dirty with some 3-in-1 oil.

Before starting the repair process, turn the chair upside down so that the base is pointing upwards.

  • Locate the gas lift cylinder, which is the metal shaft that connects the seat to the base
  • Put small drops of 3-in-1 oil around the shaft where it enters the piston. Don’t use too much oil
  • Turn the chair right/left side up and repeatedly raise and lower the seat to its maximum and minimum heights to spread the oil

Once you’re done with the application, test the chair by sitting on it and observe if it holds its position. If the issue continues after several attempts, it might indicate a more significant problem with the height adjustment system, possibly requiring component replacement.

For a clean process, I’d recommend taking your chair to the background and placing plastic bags below it to avoid spilling oil everywhere, I had to learn this the hard way.

Best replacement gaming chairs (our top 5 picks)

COUGAR Armor Air

The Cougar Armor Air features an innovative dual-back design, offering the best of both worlds between comfort and breathability. Under the detachable leather cover, you’ll find a high-back mesh design, fit for summer days.

The ergonomic design comes with a lumbar pillow, and the chair feels durable with premium materials. The wheelbase is sturdy and the Cougar Armor Air can support up to 264 pounds of weight.


The Cougar Argo One doesn’t look like a gaming chair because it embraces a more ergonomic design that we typically see on office chairs. Featuring a breathable mesh seat and back instead of thick memory foam and leather upholstery, the Cougar Argo One is an excellent choice for anyone with sweat complaints while gaming. Its standout feature is the dynamic lumbar support, which encourages proper posture.

Like other Cougar chairs, this one also sports an orange-black frame. If you’ve been using gaming chairs for a while, switching to this one could take some time, but the transition will be worth it.

RESPAWN 900 Gaming Recliner

The RESPAWN 900 Gaming Recliner is tailored toward console gamers. It boasts the comfort of a living room recliner inside a racing-inspired gaming chair. Featuring a footrest that curves comfortably under the knees and faux carbon fiber accents, the chair aims to maximize comfort while console gaming.

There are also practical features like a detachable side pouch for controllers and a built-in cup holder. While it may take some adjustment to master its unique reclining mechanisms, it’s one of the more unique chairs on the market.

RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair

The RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair offers a blend of gaming aesthetics and office functionality, but with some notable trade-offs. This chair features multiple adjustment options including 4D armrests, tilt-tension controls, and a magnetic headrest.

This chair’s most notable shortcoming is its lack of lumbar support and it also has a rather confusing assembly process. The RESPAWN 110 still offers decent comfort for its price point, so its drawbacks could be easily ignored, especially if you can snatch one during a discount season.

Corsair TC100 Relaxed

The Corsair TC100 is a solid budget option with its comfort and design. The fabric upholstery offers both breathability and a softer aesthetic compared to typical gaming chairs. The chair’s construction, although not premium, is solid enough for its price point. Assembly may require some patience, but it’s generally straightforward.

The armrests are 2D, but that’s an acceptable trade-off compared to the overall value that this chair brings.

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