Zenless Zone Zero – Best Soukaku build in ZZZ

As a member of Hollow Special Operations’ Section Six, Soukaku is a strong support character who uses powerful Ice-based attacks to help control the flow of battle for her and her teammates in Zenless Zone Zero.

With blue skin and a pair of horns, Soukaku can’t be missed as she jumps around the fight with her massive Frosted Banner as she deals a ton of Ice-based damage. She can also enable her teammates with the right weapons and gear thanks to an ultimate ability that boosts her squad’s energy while increasing her own damage.

If you need a tough cookie who’s ready to fight, here is the best Soukaku build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Soukaku build in Zenless Zone Zero

Bashful Demon in ZZZ
Greedy little gremlin. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Best W-Engine for Soukaku: Bashful Demon

Since Bashful Demon is the signature W-Engine for Soukaku, it makes sense that it’d be her best-performing option in battle. Not only does this W-Engine increase her Ice damage by 15 percent, but it also boosts all teammate attack by two percent, stacking up to four times over the course of 12 seconds.

Since her EX Special Attack is used multiple times in succession, it should be activated several times during a fight, which should boost your squad significantly along with her own damage.

Best Drive Discs for Soukaku: 4x Swing Jazz and 2x Polar Metal

Swing Jazz gives Soukaku a lot more room to be a support for her squad since it boosts the entire team’s damage by 15 percent when she uses her ultimate ability. Since her ultimate ability also boosts her teammates’ energy, they can blast through their enemies in a short amount of time as they zip and zoom back and forth.

The Polar Metal Drive Disc also adds some Ice damage to her kit so she can hold her own while she builds up for a big combo with her damage dealers. Ultimately, Soukaku can put up a sizable fight before you call in the real master blasters of your team composition.

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