Genshin Impact could finally be getting mounts in the next region

With so many new regions added to Genshin Impact, players have been wondering for years if there’d ever be a faster means of travel. Now, nearly four years after launch and with a new nation on the horizon, Genshin Impact could finally be getting mounts.

A leak, first shared by dataminers on May 13, appears to suggest HoYoverse will add rideable mounts for players to use while exploring Genshin’s Pyro nation, Natlan.

Diluc using his Elemental Burst.
Diluc is the only character with a five-star skin. Image via HoYoverse

Considering every nation so far has had unique mechanics, introducing mounts as Natlan’s exploration mechanic could be game-changing. Since the Pyro nation is based on the fire element and is called the nation of dragons, it’s possible the mounts will be dragons themselves. While underwater exploration in Fontaine was a massive success, players are hoping the Pyro nation will bring something new, and mounts might be the next big thing.

Though not much is known about Natlan, HoYoverse has already teased the volcanic region of Mare Jivari, which suggests the nation could have massive landscapes and mountains. To travel through a zone with so much verticality, a versatile mount like a dragon would be a perfect new exploration mechanic. 

Mounts are an iconic feature in many exploration-focused games, so lots of players are hoping they won’t be a one-time feature restricted to the Pyro nation.

“I really hope you can use these mounts outside of Natlan cause that’ll be so dope,” a player said on Reddit. It goes to show the community has high hopes for mounts in Genshin. Overall, the future looks bright, and the upcoming nation of Natlan could be Genshin’s biggest update yet.

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