Ookami Mio to miss upcoming VTuber events due to hospital stay

On May 13, Hololive Production announced via X (formerly Twitter) that Ookami Mio would not be appearing in the upcoming VTuber events due to her poor health.

The translated version of the X post states Mio requires long-term hospital treatment and won’t be able to attend the upcoming hololive events, including both the Hololive GAMERS Fes. on May 25 to 26 and the Music Verse Fes. on June 9.

Hololive Production apologized for the short announcement and thanked the fans for their support of Ookami Mio.

Ookami Mio is singing on a live stream
Ookami Mio singing on one of her streams. Screenshot via Mio Channel

Mio later posted a reply on her X page, stating how sorry she was by the announcement. Her reason for the late announcement was that she thought she would fully recover before the events. She encouraged everyone to support the event and stated she would also purchase a Streaming Ticket.

While numerous Ookami Mio fans are likely disappointed, many are showing support by posting comments on the official Hololive Reddit and X

Hololive events are special streaming events where members gather, play games, compete in music competitions, and perform various challenges. The upcoming Hololive GAMERS Fes. will feature a free and paid streaming show. Only those with a streaming ticket can attend the paid show. While the event is primarily aired for the Japanese audience, residents from the U.S., South Korea, Philippines, and Thailand can also purchase tickets. Ookami Mio was not only one of the contestants but was also on the front cover, so its safe to assume many fans will be saddened by her absence.

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