Genshin Impact is finally getting long-awaited Resin increase in Patch 4.7

You heard it right, Genshin Impact is finally getting the long-awaited Resin increase in the upcoming Patch 4.7, and it will change the game forever.

The update, confirmed by developer HoYoverse on Genshin’s official X (formerly Twitter) account on May 22, is a massive quality of life improvement that Genshin players have longed for. It’s finally coming after three and a half years. 

Skirk looking back in Genshin Impact.
One of the most mysterious characters. Image via HoYoverse

Original Resin is a valuable source of energy in Genshin Impact, used for collecting rewards and materials for characters, talents, weapons, and Mora. You continually regenerate Resin up to a cap of 160. Once you spend your Resin, it takes 21 hours and 20 minutes to fully replenish. You mostly need it for farming materials and building characters, but it also limits your playtime by restricting the rewards you can claim for completing activities, which is something players were always critical about. 

After almost four years, HoYoverse decided to increase the Resin cap from 160 to 200. While any increase is welcome, the change left the entire Genshin community divided. 

“Better late than never! An increased Resin cap and friends list is wonderful to see,” one player said on X. While it goes to show many players are happy and excited for the change, some expressed concern that HoYoverse didn’t increase Resin regeneration speed as well. 

“Do the replies realize it’s just the cap that’s being increased and not the regen rate. Increased cap doesn’t matter when it still takes that long for it all to regenerate,” another player said on X.
Additionally, the developer also announced a new artifact update that will help players optimize their artifacts easier. Some changes are better late than never, and it’s clear the future of Genshin is brighter than ever.

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