Latest Palworld Xbox patch addresses desert city glitch, fails to fix other major issues

Pocketpair has finally addressed a longstanding texture bug in Palworld’s Xbox version that caused players to fall through the map—but a lot of similarly annoying issues are still yet to be taken care of.

In a tweet sent out on May 21, Pocketpair announced the contents of a minor Palworld patch targeting the Xbox platform. It’s just a singular bug fix: You will no longer fall through the desert city while exploring it, so no more losing your hard work for a mistake you didn’t make. Apparently, the bug was being caused by “the world not loading in time.” 

Of course, players are relieved, knowing they wouldn’t have to be in fear while exploring the desert city anymore. The bug was a persistent one, with initial reports dating back to January 2024. The worst part? Affected players had no way of retrieving any of their possessions after falling through the map and dying, as the point of death spawned below the map. 

Unfortunately, while you’ll no longer fall through the desert city, several other unbearable bugs still remain in Palworld. For example, as pointed out by a player, the same bug also affects multiple spots on the Astral Mountains, in the Volcanic region, and throughout the desert biome, but Pocketpair didn’t mention fixing the rest of them. Naturally, players are worried that the remaining spots are still glitched, so they’d have to think twice before visiting them.

Other Xbox-focused complaints include dire performance issues when playing Palworld in multiplayer. Players also reported being kicked off the server when in a dungeon. 

It looks like Pocketpair has a lot of work to do on Palworld’s Xbox version. The Steam version, on the other hand, is quite peaceful at the moment.

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