Gray Zone Warfare’s editions are pricey and don’t even include the base game

Attention, all Gray Zone Warfare players. If you’re getting ready to delve into the new extraction-based tactical shooter on Steam, you might want to hang on to your wallet for a second, because it turns out the various “editions” don’t actually include the base game.

On April 26, Gray Zone Warfare developer MADFINGER Games debuted multiple editions that all became available for purchase on April 30. There are several options to choose from, but none of them give you access to the main game. Yes, you read that right—if you were wondering why the editions were on a discount, now you know. 

Pricing of bundles offered for Gray Zone Warfare
Might not be the same for everyone. Image via MADFINGER Games

To play Gray Zone Warfare, you first need to purchase the standard edition, called “Buy Gray Zone Warfare,” on Steam for $34.99 (rates may vary depending on your region). Then, if you choose, you can purchase the extra editions for their additional rewards.

This lack of clarity is drawing ire from the community and raising eyebrows regarding the developer’s intentions. Whether this is an intentional stunt to pump the overall sales numbers or a sincere mistake isn’t yet clear, but it doesn’t paint a positive picture. It could easily mislead prospective players and turn them off the franchise for good.

So, before venturing forth and purchasing an edition of Gray Zone Warfare for what looks like a discount, take a closer look at what the edition contains, and make sure what you’re buying is what you’re getting.

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