GTA 5 actor shares details of scrapped ‘James Bond Trevor’ DLC

The voice behind one of Grand Theft Auto 5‘s most iconic characters has lifted the lid on DLC scrapped by Rockstar.

Turning 11 this year, GTA 5 flipped the script for the franchise with the introduction of GTA Online, which turned into a cash cow for Rockstar and saw the future updates focused around the multiplayer mode.

Trevor Phillips in GTA 5 firing a gun.
Agent Trevor. Image via Rockstar

While GTA Online has undoubtedly been the biggest success story from GTA 5, the story campaign is also remembered fondly with the introduction of three playable characters—and the culmination of the story wasn’t meant to be the end.

In a Q&A live stream hosted by Streamily, as reported by Eurogamer, Steven Ogg, who provided the voice for Trevor Phillips, admitted he had “shot some stuff” for additional content that would have continued Trevor’s story.

Ogg described the plans as “really cool shit,” which would have seen Trevor take up undercover work with the authorities as a sort of “James Bond Trevor” role, where he was “still kind of a fuck up but doing his best.”

Rockstar put the nail in the coffin for those plans, though, with Ogg saying it all “just disappeared” and Rockstar “never followed up on it.”

GTA 5 players have been treated to regular updates in GTA Online, however, which has seen the introduction of everything from submarines to flying cars, turning every lobby you enter into a chaotic mess.

Players are now counting down the days until GTA 6 launches in 2025, with the story shifting to Rockstar’s version of Florida, and there is a huge amount of intrigue around the plans for GTA Online after over a decade of service.

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