‘I don’t care’: New Vegas director speaks out on Fallout TV show canon controversy

Amazon’s Fallout TV show has been out for two weeks, with casual viewers and fans loving it. While some of the latter are finding possible issues with how it relates to lore, a director of one of the games admits he doesn’t care.

The series takes place 15 years after events in Fallout: New Vegas and depicts a lot of factions that were a part of the game, like the New California Republic and Brotherhood of Steel. When it comes to the former, it seems almost extinct. Additionally, FNV’s canon seems to be interfered with in the show, which frustrated a few game fans. But FNV director Josh Sawyer says he understands Bethesda and Amazon’s decisions.

“This might sound weird, but whatever happens with it, I don’t care,” Sawyer told Rock Paper Shotgun. “My attitude towards properties that I work on, and even characters that I create, is that I don’t own any of this stuff. It was never mine. And the thing that I made is what I made.”

Sky line of New Vegas in Fallout TV show
New Vegas is coming in season two. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Amazon Prime

Sawyer admitted there are things he would have done differently in the show, but he also saw stuff he loved. Ultimately, the Fallout franchise was never his or Obsidian Entertainment’s property, so whatever happens to it and its universe is beyond his control. “It’s not my space, it was never my thing. I was a guest working on it. So I try to keep a level of distance between myself and the setting,” Sawyer added.

After the show’s release on April 10, fans feared that some Fallout lore had been erased from the canon because the NCR was nowhere to be seen on the West Coast, and their capital, Shady Sands was nuked. On top of that, the show seems to be heading to New Vegas in the second season, but the town seems pretty lifeless, at least in the teasing skyline we got by the end of the finale.

Luckily, Bethesda and Fallout‘s showrunners addressed those fears and reassured the fans that FNV is canon, NCR isn’t dead, and answers will come with season two. At the same time, though, they underlined how the series tells a new story on top of other stories, so a few changes have to be made.

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